Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket

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Get ready to dive into the world of Gore Tex Waterfowl Jackets, where style meets functionality for a perfect hunting experience. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the top choices for waterfowl jackets featuring Gore Tex technology, ensuring you stay dry and warm during your outdoor adventures. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

The Top 18 Best Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket

  1. Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket with Sherpa Lining and Adjustable Drawcord — Drake MST Full Zip Hole Shot Hooded Windproof Eqwader: The ultimate cold weather hunting companion, offering superior protection and storage all in one package.
  2. Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket — Perfect for Outdoor Hunting — Stay dry and comfortable on your next waterfowling adventure with the Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket — featuring a waterproof and breathable Guide Dry membrane, 150 gram Thinsulate Insulation, and numerous pockets for essential hunting gear.
  3. Breathable, Durable GORE-TEX® Pro Marmot Alpha Pro Jacket — Marmot Men’s Alpha Pro Jacket — Your ultimate rugged companion for challenging mountain adventures, featuring waterproof GORE-TEX Pro fabric and precise helmet-compatible hood for unparalleled performance and durability.
  4. Men’s Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket — Almond Butter Monogram — Experience the ultimate protection with The North Face Men’s GTX Mountain Jacket — Almond Butter Monogram, combining durability and waterproofing for your unforgettable adventures.
  5. Mountain Hardwear’s Ultra-Light Gore-Tex Jacket — Experience unmatched comfort and protection with the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Minimizer GORE-TEX Paclite Plus Jacket, featuring a lightweight, durable design for backcountry enthusiasts.
  6. GORE-TEX GT Uninsulated Jacket for All Seasons — Stay dry and warm in any condition with the 686 Men’s GORE-TEX GT Jacket’s seamless waterproof protection, perfect for any outdoor adventure!
  7. Arc’teryx Men’s Alpha SV Jacket: High-Performance, Waterproof and Breathable — The Arc’teryx Men’s Alpha SV Jacket is a waterproof, durable, and breathable solution for extreme alpine conditions, featuring a comfortable StormHood, Coreloft insulation, and recycled materials for an eco-friendly design.
  8. 100% Waterproof Hunting Jacket with HyperShield 2.0 Technology — Experience ultimate waterfowl hunting protection with the 100% waterproof and windproof Drake Men’s Refuge 3.0 Waterfowler’s Wading Jacket, featuring innovative HyperShield 2.0 technology for breathability and reliability.
  9. Gore-Tex Waterfowl Jacket for Ultimate Protection — Experience the perfect blend of durability and style with the Grundéns Buoy X Jacket, featuring a 3-layer GORE-TEX membrane and a sleek, active fit.
  10. 686 Gore-Tex Core Shell Jacket for Men — Waterfowl Jacket — The 686 GORE-TEX Core Shell Jacket offers unparalleled warmth, moisture protection, and versatile layering options for men, providing ultimate comfort in every weather condition.
  11. Ultra-light Protective Waterfowl Jacket — Experience unmatched comfort and protection in the Est Guardian Elite Pro Ultralight 3-Layer Waterproof Jacket, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a lightweight and versatile solution for waterfowl hunting adventures.
  12. Drake Waterfowl Gore Tex Windproof 1/4 Zip Jacket — Brace yourself for the ultimate outdoor adventure with the Men’s Drake Waterfowl MST Hole Shot Windproof Eqwader 1/4 Zip Jacket — the perfect blend of style, comfort, and unbeatable functionality that keeps you shielded from harsh weather conditions.
  13. Jones Men’s Shralpinist Gore-Tex Pro Waterproof Jacket: Ultimate Protection and Breathability — The Jones Shralpinist Recycled Gore-Tex Pro Jacket Red S Man provides unparalleled durability and breathability for extreme outdoor activities, promising a comfortable and reliable experience in the most challenging environments.
  14. Versatile GORE-TEX Pro Hunter Move 2.0 Jacket — Willow Green — Experience the ultimate in versatility and protection with the Härkila Pro Hunter Move 2.0 GTX Jacket, featuring Gore-Tex technology, ample pockets, and tailored details for your hunting needs.
  15. North Face GTX Mountain Jacket Fallen Leaves Print — Experience the ultimate protection and comfort with The North Face GTX Mountain Jacket, featuring Gore-Tex technology, stormflaps, and multiple adjustable features for the perfect fit on your next adventure.
  16. Cabela’s Instinct GORE-TEX 3-Layer Waterproof Jacket for Hunting — Experience unparalleled protection and comfort with Cabela’s Instinct Barrier GORE-TEX Jacket, designed for hunters seeking true weatherproof performance.
  17. Men’s Recycled Gore Tex Waterproof Jacket for Big Mountain Days — Experience unmatched comfort and protection with The North Face Summit Verbier GTX Jacket, featuring a responsibly sourced, 100% recycled build and innovative Gore-Tex technology.
  18. Waterproof GORE-TEX Angling Jacket for Fishing Tournaments — Dive into victory with Grundens’ Gambler GORE-TEX Jacket, offering unbeatable waterproof and breathable protection for the ultimate tournament angling experience!

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🔗Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket with Sherpa Lining and Adjustable Drawcord


As a devoted outdoorsman, I’ve tried my fair share of jackets designed for windy, freezing conditions. The Drake MST Full Zip Hole Shot Hooded Windproof Eqwader has stood out as one of my all-time favorites. Its exceptional protection against both wind and cold is made all the more impressive by its comfortable, stretchy design.

One feature that caught my attention is the sherpa-lined 100% polyester lower body. This not only retains warmth but also provides a breathable, comfortable experience. The jacket is completed with both high handwarmer pockets near the chest and lower slash pockets, ensuring you always have a convenient place to store your essentials.

While the windproof properties of the Eqwader are unquestionably solid, I would have appreciated a tighter fit around the wrists or perhaps the option of Velcro. Additionally, users who are taller than 6'5" may find that there aren’t tall enough size options to accommodate.

Overall, the Drake MST Full Zip Hole Shot Hooded Windproof Eqwader is an excellent choice for dedicated hunters looking for a dependable and cozy jacket. With its numerous pockets and exceptional performance in cold, windy conditions, this jacket has earned a spot in my outdoor gear collection.

🔗Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket — Perfect for Outdoor Hunting


I recently tried out the Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket, and I must say, it’s impressed me with its functionality and warmth. The 100% polyester fabric has a waterproof/breathable membrane that effectively keeps me dry while I’m out hunting in damp conditions. The jacket’s insulation is also impressive, as it’s lightweight and provides a good balance of warmth.

One of the standout features of this jacket is the number of pockets it has. With a total of 9 pockets, there’s plenty of storage space for all the essentials. The front cargo pockets are particularly handy, making it easy to store and access shotgun shells. I also appreciate the removable and insulated hood, which is a great touch for those colder months.

While the Guide Gear Waterfowl Jacket has many positive aspects, there are a few areas where it could use some improvements. The thumbhole wrist cuffs seemed more of a hindrance than a benefit for me, as they would tend to trap moisture and sometimes get in the way when putting the jacket on or taking it off. I also noticed a few leaks around the zippers and didn’t find the jacket to be completely waterproof.

Overall, I’d say the Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket is a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, warming hunting jacket at a more affordable price point. Just be aware that there might be a few minor shortcomings, but they don’t detract too much from the overall experience.

🔗Breathable, Durable GORE-TEX® Pro Marmot Alpha Pro Jacket


As a frequent hiker and mountaineer, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect lightweight, durable, and waterproof jacket to keep me prepared for any adventure. That’s when I stumbled upon the Arc’teryx Alpha Jacket. The first thing that caught my attention was its sleek design, perfect for those who prefer a more minimalistic look.

The jacket’s outer layer is made of GORE-TEX Pro fabric, which provides total waterproofing, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and skiing. It’s lightweight, flexible, and even packs small, making it an ideal companion for my explorations. The precise fit and helmet-compatible hood ensure that I stay comfortable and protected in any weather condition.

One of the standout features of this jacket is the ventilation zips that allow me to regulate my body temperature as needed. This comes in handy when I’m climbing steep terrain or when I’ve been on the move for hours. The embedded RECCO reflector is a thoughtful touch, providing an added layer of safety in case of an emergency.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The jacket’s fabric can be a bit noisy when moving around, which can be a bit of a downer in quieter environments. Additionally, while the color options are decent, I would have appreciated more variety to choose from.

Overall, the Arc’teryx Alpha Jacket has become my go-to choice for any adventure I embark on. Its lightweight, durable, and waterproof design makes it a reliable companion, and the ventilation zips ensure that I’m always comfortable during strenuous activities. While there are a couple of minor drawbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons, making this a jacket I highly recommend to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

🔗Men’s Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket — Almond Butter Monogram


When I first put on The North Face Men’s GTX Mountain Jacket, I immediately noticed how spacious it was. The sleeves seemed to reach just perfectly to my wrists, and the torso covered my lower back with enough padding. While the logo might be a bit obtrusive, I can’t deny it adds a touch of character to the jacket.

The performance features of this jacket truly shine. I recently found myself caught in a downpour, and the waterproof technology kept me completely dry. It was as if the raindrops just beaded off my jacket, giving me the confidence to continue my outdoor adventures.

However, I have to admit there are a couple of downsides. The jacket is a bit bulky for summertime wear and can feel a bit too snug around the shoulders. But overall, it’s a solid purchase for those seeking waterproof protection during all seasons except summer.

🔗Mountain Hardwear’s Ultra-Light Gore-Tex Jacket


Just the other day, while exploring the great outdoors, I was caught off guard by a sudden burst of rain. Fortunately, I had this nifty and compact Mountain Hardwear Men’s Minimizer GORE-TEX Paclite Plus Jacket tucked away in my backpack. To my delight, it not only kept me dry but also incredibly comfortable. In fact, it has become a staple in my backpacking and hiking gear.

The waterproof material and breathable 2-layer GORE-TEX PACLITE Plus fabric were put to the test and did not disappoint. The lightweight nature of the jacket, weighing only 8.5 ounces, is truly remarkable and makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The jacket is incredibly packable, fitting neatly inside its own chest pocket, which also features a convenient carabiner clip loop.

However, the jacket does have a few drawbacks. While the hood provides adequate protection against the rain, it could benefit from a more secure fit to better protect from wind resistance. The zippers could also be placed in a lower profile to avoid them snagging on rough terrain or getting caught on branches.

Despite these minor inconveniences, the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Minimizer GORE-TEX Paclite Plus Jacket has proved to be an essential and reliable piece of gear. Its combination of water resistance, lightweight design, and packability make it an invaluable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection.

🔗GORE-TEX GT Uninsulated Jacket for All Seasons


The first time I tried on the 686 Men’s GORE-TEX GT Jacket, I couldn’t help but be impressed by its sleek fit and stylish design. The jacket’s GORE-TEX guarantee made me feel confident that I would stay warm and dry in any condition, even on those rainy, snowy days.

One feature that stood out to me was the taping seams, which effectively prevented moisture from seeping in. The seam-taping process made the seams as waterproof as the surrounding fabric, providing an added layer of protection against the elements.

The jacket also had a helmet-compatible hood, adding convenience and functionality. However, I did notice that the jacket’s length was somewhat longer than I was used to, which could be a potential issue for some users. Additionally, the lack of insulation might make the jacket less suitable for those seeking extra warmth.

Overall, my experience with the 686 Men’s GORE-TEX GT Jacket was positive. Its durable construction, practical features, and stylish design make it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile outerwear option.

🔗Arc’teryx Men’s Alpha SV Jacket: High-Performance, Waterproof and Breathable


When I first tried on the Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket, I was impressed by how seamless the process felt. The zippers glided effortlessly, thanks to the WaterTight zippered configuration, and the overall construction felt sturdy. I was also drawn to the unique design of the StormHood, which provided great coverage while not compromising my visibility. The jacket proved to be a great companion during my daily commutes, offering me the necessary protection against the elements.

However, one area that I felt could use improvement was the weight of the jacket. Although it wasn’t too heavy, I found myself yearning for a lighter alternative for those times when I wanted a more minimalistic experience. Additionally, I would have appreciated at least one more outer pocket for added convenience.

Despite these small drawbacks, the Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket was truly a dependable companion. The combination of the waterproof design, water-resistant DWR coating, and coreloft insulation ensured that I remained cozy and dry even on the wettest of days. The jacket’s overall durability also gave me peace of mind when venturing out in more rugged terrain. The Arc’teryx logo embroidery and convenient pockets were nice touches that added to the overall quality of the product. All in all, a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and practical jacketing solution in their daily lives.

🔗100% Waterproof Hunting Jacket with HyperShield 2.0 Technology


Imagine you’re a dedicated duck hunter, and you’re trudging through a damp, chilly marsh as you set your decoy spread. Your gear needs to be up to the challenge, keeping you warm and dry in the unforgiving environmental conditions of a waterfowl hunt. That’s where the Drake Men’s Refuge 3.0 Waterfowler’s Wading Jacket comes into play.

The first thing that stands out is the fabric. The Refuge 3.0 fabric, coupled with HyperShield 2.0 technology, provides a sense of comfort and confidence in a jacket that’s designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. It’s 100% waterproof and windproof, but still breathable, meaning this jacket won’t have you sweating through the hunt.

The design is another major plus. The two vertical zippered chest pockets and the two Magnattach chest pockets provide ample space for storing essentials. The removal of the hood, however, could be a disadvantage for some. If there’s a particular wind direction you need to shield yourself from, you might miss that feature.

But let’s focus on the positives. The adjustable no-water sealed cuffs and fleece lined handwarmer pockets with zipper closure ensure your extremities stay as warm and dry as your body’s core.

The jacket’s overall fit and feel exude comfort and versatility. It’s an excellent option for those who like to layer their clothing, providing more room for extra insulation. The jacket’s weight is another highlight, lending itself to easy movement. It’s a relief not to be weighed down by a jack-of-all-trades hunting gear.

Despite these positive aspects, the jacket could have more robust zippers. While they are reliable, a higher-quality set might add a touch more durability, making the Refuge 3.0 Waterfowler’s Wading Jacket an even better choice for hunters who want gear that can stand the test of time.

In conclusion, the Drake Men’s Refuge 3.0 Waterfowler’s Wading Jacket is a high-quality, reliable, and practical addition to any hunting gear arsenal. It might not be perfect, but when it comes to waterfowling, this jacket is definitely a game-changer.

🔗Gore-Tex Waterfowl Jacket for Ultimate Protection


I recently tried the Grundens Buoy GORE-TEX Jacket in Deep Lichan Green, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly by the water, I was particularly drawn to this jacket because of its tough exterior and sleek design.

One of the standout features of the Buoy jacket is its 3-layer fabric construction. It’s durable, without being bulky, which is something I appreciate when spending time on the water. The sustainable textile production is a bonus, as it shows that the environmental impact hasn’t been neglected in the creation of this product.

The jacket’s features make it great for a variety of activities. Whether it’s fishing in the rain or hunting in less-than-ideal conditions, the Buoy jacket has got you covered. Its zippered hand warmer pockets are a lifesaver, especially on chilly days, and the neoprene cuffs keep water from getting into your sleeves when you’re busy reeling in a catch.

The fixed hood is a game-changer, keeping your head dry and protected from the elements. Reflective logos on the jacket are also a nice touch, ensuring I’m visible even in low-light conditions.

However, there are a couple of aspects that could be improved. The venting could take a bit longer to adjust to, and it might not be the best choice for packable rain gear. Additionally, some users have expressed a desire for it to be available in women’s sizing.

Overall, the Grundens Buoy GORE-TEX Jacket is an excellent choice for those who need a durable, waterproof, and versatile jacket for their outdoor adventures. It has quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and stylish piece of outerwear.

🔗686 Gore-Tex Core Shell Jacket for Men — Waterfowl Jacket


The 686 GORE-TEX Core Shell Jacket is the perfect companion for the master of layering or those looking to improve their layering skills. The forecast-friendly jacket is designed to be a versatile layer that can keep you warm when colder weather strikes, yet also allow for ventilation when temperatures rise. The King GORE-TEX fabric ensures maximum comfort and protection against snow, rain, and wind. Other notable features include its wrist gaiters and powder skirt, which help keep the snow where it’s meant to go. The jacket’s stylish design and numerous pockets make it the ultimate shell for those who appreciate quality outerwear.

During my experience with this jacket, I found the lightweight yet not flimsy construction to be appealing. Its modern design also caught my eye, making me feel confident and stylish while wearing it. However, the sizing issues, specifically the sleeves, were a disappointment. I also missed having underarm zips for better breathability, which could have been particularly helpful during intense activities.

Overall, the 686 GORE-TEX Core Shell Jacket is a great choice for those seeking a versatile and comfortable shell jacket. Although it might have a few shortcomings, such as sizing and ventilation, its other features, style, and reputation for quality make it a worthy investment for those who prioritize layering and style in their outerwear.

🔗Ultra-light Protective Waterfowl Jacket


I’ve had the pleasure of giving the Guardian Elite Pro Ultralight 3-Layer Jacket a test run on a recent duck hunting trip. This jacket truly lives up to its name, providing a perfect balance of comfort and protection from the unrelenting elements. The 100% waterproof and windproof fabric kept me cozy and dry in the steady rain, while the lightweight build meant I wasn’t weighed down on the hunt.

However, there were a couple of minor issues I encountered. First, although storage options such as the vertical left chest Magnattach pocket proved convenient, it’s crucial not to forget that this is a non-insulated jacket. This means it’s not the best choice for super chilly weather. Secondly, the hood can’t be rolled up and the interior of the jacket is light grey, which might make it difficult to hide in some hunting scenarios.

Overall, the Guardian Elite Pro Ultralight 3-Layer Jacket is an excellent option for those looking for comfort and protection while duck hunting in the rain. Its lightweight build and impressive waterproof capabilities make it worth considering, despite the minor drawbacks.

🔗Drake Waterfowl Gore Tex Windproof 1/4 Zip Jacket


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the MST Hole Shot Windproof Eqwader 1/4 Zip Jacket from Drake Waterfowl while on a chilly hunting expedition. The innovative design of this jacket is truly remarkable, offering a perfect balance of breathability and warmth. The outer layers are crafted to keep you protected from the wind and cold, while the lower body allows for an impressive amount of breathability and comfort.

One of the standout features of this jacket is the hand-warmer pockets. They were thoughtfully designed and placed to provide easy access and warmth for your hands when you need it most. Another helpful element is the drawcord adjustable waist, which ensures a comfortable fit regardless of your body shape or activity level.

Despite my overall satisfaction with the jacket, I did encounter a minor issue with the elastic wrist on the sleeves. It tore during my third wear, which was a bit disappointing. Even so, this jacket is still my go-to for cold weather adventures and outings. It’s been a fantastic addition to my wardrobe, and I highly recommend it to any fellow outdoorsmen seeking warmth and style in one package.

🔗Jones Men’s Shralpinist Gore-Tex Pro Waterproof Jacket: Ultimate Protection and Breathability


Skiing in some of the most treacherous terrain, the Jones Men’s Shralpinist GTX-Pro Jacket quickly became the epitome of performance for me. The body-mapped recycled GORE-TEX PRO provided unparalleled protection and the utmost breathability during my uphill skins.

The jacket offered an exceptionally relaxed yet functional fit, allowing for ease in articulation during climbs and rides. It even came equipped with ample pockets for storage, including a phone-keeper pocket and forearm pass pocket.

Although I appreciated its durability and weatherproofing, the jacket could have benefited from slightly more extensive side panels, catering to a broader range of movements. However, overall, the Shralpinist GTX-Pro Jacket proved an invaluable companion in my snowboarding adventures.

🔗Versatile GORE-TEX Pro Hunter Move 2.0 Jacket — Willow Green


The Härkila Pro Hunter Move 2.0 GTX Jacket has been a reliable companion during my hunting expeditions. Its rugged AirTechTM canvas fabric provides not only comfort but also freedom of movement, ideal for those long, action-packed days in the wild. The wind and waterproof GORE-TEX membrane has kept me well-protected, even during the toughest weather conditions. With ventilation zips under the arms, the jacket manages to strike the perfect balance between keeping me dry and maintaining optimum comfort.

The Härkila jacket comes with a convenient array of storage options, including a radio pocket, two spacious front pockets, and a mesh pocket for my mobile phone. What truly makes it stand out is the attention to detail, such as the adjustable sleeve and bottom hem that ensure a snug fit while allowing me the flexibility to move effortlessly.

However, the elastic drawstring on the integrated hood sometimes proves to be a bit tricky, making it a bit difficult to adjust while on the move. Despite this minor setback, the Härkila Pro Hunter Move 2.0 GTX Jacket is definitely a must-have for any serious hunter looking to invest in gear that offers both performance and style.

🔗North Face GTX Mountain Jacket Fallen Leaves Print


I recently had the chance to try on the ‘Misty Sage Fallen Leaves Print’ North Face GTX Mountain Jacket, and let me tell you — it was a game-changer for me. As a person who loves exploring the great outdoors, this jacket quickly became a trusty companion.

Firstly, what really stood out to me was the water-repellant and wind-resistant qualities. It’s fantastic when hiking through stormy weather, keeping my core and my gadgets nice and dry! Plus, I absolutely love that it’s made entirely from recycled polyester; I don’t even know you could rejuvenate a jacket like that — impressive!

However, there’s always a silver lining. The pit-zip venting was a bit of an adjustment for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not used to them, but I felt a bit restricted at times. But hey, it’s nothing a quick tweak couldn’t fix.

Stormflaps with snap closures, velcro-adjustable cuffs, and two internal drop-in pockets, I mean — it’s got everything I need for my outdoor adventures, right? But, honestly, I would have loved an external alpine hand pocket for convenience.

The design itself is so tastefully done, it’s like fashion for the wilderness. It also comes in a range of colors, but I’m partial to the ‘Misty Sage Fallen Leaves Print’. It’s beautiful, unique, and feels right at home in my wardrobe.

So here’s what I think: this ‘Misty Sage Fallen Leaves Print’ North Face GTX Mountain Jacket might not be perfect, but it sure comes darn close. It’s got its pros and cons, but overall, I’d definitely say it’s worth giving a try if you’re looking for a reliable companion for your outdoor escapades.

🔗Cabela’s Instinct GORE-TEX 3-Layer Waterproof Jacket for Hunting


Experience the ultimate in waterproof protection with Cabela’s Instinct Barrier GORE-TEX Jacket for Men. I’ve had the chance to test this out in various weather conditions, and it never fails to keep me dry and comfortable. The 3-layer construction is a standout feature, providing an unbeatable barrier against the elements. I can confidently say that this jacket is fully weatherproof, making it an essential piece in my outdoor gear collection.

With its comfortable fit and articulated elbows, the jacket allows for unrestricted movement while maintaining its exceptional functionality. The 3-way-adjustable hood with a built-in visor offers perfect coverage, and the pit zips provide a convenient way to regulate temperature. Overall, the Instinct Barrier GORE-TEX Jacket for Men is a durable and reliable choice that delivers on its promise of protection and comfort.

However, I did notice a slight issue with noise. The Gore-Tex material does tend to make a bit of a racket, especially when it’s raining hard. This can be a distraction in some scenarios, especially during hunting trips where quietness is crucial. But in my experience, the benefits of the jacket far outweigh the noise factor. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking top-tier waterproof protection.

🔗Men’s Recycled Gore Tex Waterproof Jacket for Big Mountain Days


As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always been in the market for a reliable, stylish, and responsibly-sourced jacket. Enter North Face’s Summit Verbier GTX Jacket. This beauty has been my trusty companion during countless adventures, braving harsh weather conditions, and providing me with the comfort I need to tackle the wild outdoors.

First off, let’s talk materials. This jacket is crafted from a combination of 3-layer GORE-TEX, 100% recycled polyester, 100% nylon tricot lining, and has a DWR treatment, which means it’s built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. The GORE-TEX technology ensures that water stays out while the breathable fabric keeps the sweat from building up inside.

The fit, although considered regular, may seem slightly looser compared to other North Face jackets due to its length. However, this allows for ease of movement while wearing a backpack. The articulated fit, stretch powder skirt, and seamless shoulder design ensure great mobility and comfort during extended outdoor activities.

One minor drawback is the length of the jacket, which may be slightly too long for some users. Nonetheless, having worn the jacket myself, I believe that the length is more of an advantage, as it provides excellent coverage and protection from the elements.

In conclusion, the Summit Verbier GTX Jacket, with its combination of exceptional materials, thoughtful design, and stylish print, has become the perfect outer layer for all of my adventures. Whether I’m cycling through the rain or hiking up a mountain, this jacket has proven to be a reliable and practical choice.

🔗Waterproof GORE-TEX Angling Jacket for Fishing Tournaments


As someone who frequently finds myself out on the water, I was eager to put the Grundens Gambler GORE-TEX Jacket to the test. From the get-go, I was impressed by the overall build and quality of the jacket. The Charcoal color is a bold and stylish choice, and it’s always a win when you can have both form and function.

One of the standout features for me was the use of GORE-TEX C-Knit Backer, which combines the familiar durability and waterproofness with a much lighter and more breathable material. This was particularly noticeable while I was rowing in colder conditions when the wind would start to whip up, I didn’t feel like I was weighed down by heavy layers.

The hood is a design highlight, and it was fantastic to stow it away when the day grew sunnier or I was in an open boat. The reflective details also came in handy when I was fishing or filming under low light conditions.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The jacket is ‘hand wash only’, which can be inconvenient at times. And, if you’re in for longer fishing sessions or carry a lot of gear, you might find that the jacket can feel quite snug around your arms.

Overall, though, this jacket has been reliable and effective for me. It’s a product that delivers on its promises and I can confidently say it’s been a valuable addition to my collection of fishing gear.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for the Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket category. In this section, we will discuss essential features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a waterfowl jacket with Gore Tex technology. Let’s dive in!


What is Gore Tex and why is it important for waterfowl jackets?

Gore Tex is a high-performance synthetic fabric that is specially designed to provide durability, waterproofing, and windproofing. This makes it an excellent choice for waterfowl jackets, as it helps hunters stay dry, comfortable, and protected in wet and windy conditions. Gore Tex membrane technology allows moisture to escape from the garment while keeping water out, ensuring effective breathability even during intense physical activities.

Features to consider when choosing a Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket

When selecting a Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket, consider the following features to ensure optimal performance and comfort in your hunting adventures. 1. Insulation: Look for jackets with adequate insulation to maintain warmth and protect against cold temperatures. Duck down or synthetic insulation can be effective 2. Waterproof and windproof construction: Make sure the jacket has a fully waterproof and windproof Gore Tex membrane for optimal protection 3. Durability: Choose a jacket with high-quality stitching and materials for long-lasting performance 4. Design and fit: Opt for a design that provides enough freedom of movement while fitting comfortably and not restricting your abilities.


Additional considerations when buying a Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket

  1. Hood: Consider jackets with adjustable and removable hoods to provide flexibility and coverage depending on your needs 2. Pockets: Look for jackets with well-placed pockets, including chest pockets and hand pockets, for easy access to gear and supplies 3. Adjustable cuffs and waist: Seek jackets with adjustable cuffs and waist to ensure a snug fit and optimize insulation 4. Camouflage patterns: Choose jackets with camouflage patterns that blend in with waterfowl habitats for increased stealth and concealment

General advice for using and caring for your Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket

  1. Proper cleaning: Follow the manufacturer’s washing and drying instructions to maintain the jacket’s waterproofing and durability 2. Store properly: Air out and store the jacket in a dry location, away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent damage and odor buildup 3. Repair rips or tears: Address any damages promptly to extend the life of your jacket 4. Wear layers: Combine your Gore Tex Waterfowl jacket with other appropriate layers to achieve optimal warmth and performance in various weather conditions


What is the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket?

The Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket is a high-quality, waterproof and breathable jacket designed specifically for waterfowl hunters. It features Gore Tex Pro fabric, which offers superior waterproofing and durability, making it an ideal choice for hunting in wet and cold environments. The jacket also incorporates features such as a DWR finish, taped seams, and a waterproof hood to provide maximum protection.

The Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket is available in various sizes and colors, allowing hunters to choose the perfect fit and style for their needs. Its lightweight and versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of hunting conditions, making it an essential piece of gear for any serious waterfowl hunter.


What makes the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket different from other waterproof jackets?

The Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket is designed specifically for waterfowl hunters, offering features that are not typically found in other waterproof jackets. It includes a DWR finish, which helps repel water and prevent it from soaking into the fabric. The jacket also features taped seams, which ensure that water cannot seep through even the smallest openings, providing an additional layer of protection.

Another key feature of the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket is its waterproof hood, which is designed to provide maximum coverage and protection from the elements. The hood can be easily adjusted to fit various head sizes and can be worn both forward and backward, providing flexibility and comfort during long hunting sessions.

What are the benefits of using Gore Tex Pro fabric in the Waterfowl Jacket?

Gore Tex Pro fabric offers several benefits over traditional waterproof materials. Firstly, it provides excellent waterproofing, thanks to its unique construction that allows water vapor to escape while keeping water out. This ensures that the hunter remains dry and comfortable even during extended periods of hunting in wet conditions.

Secondly, Gore Tex Pro fabric is both lightweight and breathable, which is crucial for waterfowl hunters who may spend long hours in the field. The fabric is also highly durable, with a tough outer layer that can withstand the rigors of hunting in challenging environments. Its resistance to abrasion and wear means that the jacket will retain its waterproofing properties over time, ensuring that the hunter remains protected even after multiple uses.


Does the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket come in different sizes?

Yes, the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types and preferences. It is recommended that hunters measure their chest and waist to determine the most suitable size for them. Most manufacturers offer a size chart on their website or in their store, which can be used to find the perfect fit.

It is essential to choose the right size to ensure that the jacket is both comfortable and effective. A poorly fitting jacket can be uncomfortable to wear and may compromise the hunter’s protection from the elements. It is always a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable salesperson or a representative from the manufacturer to ensure that you select the correct size for your needs.

What other features are included in the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket?

In addition to its waterproofing and breathability features, the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket also includes several other useful features designed to enhance the hunter’s experience. These include adjustable cuffs, which can be tightened to prevent water from entering the jacket sleeves, and multiple pockets for storing essentials such as ammunition, maps, and other hunting gear.

The jacket also features a built-in belt system, which can be adjusted to keep the jacket in place even during strenuous activity. The belt system can be easily released when the hunter needs to remove the jacket, making it convenient and practical for long hunting sessions. Finally, the jacket includes a high-visibility orange liner that can be used to signal other hunters or rescue teams in case of an emergency.

How much does the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket cost?

The cost of the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket can vary depending on the manufacturer, size, and other factors. However, it is generally considered a premium product, with prices typically starting at around $300-$400 for entry-level models and going up to $600 or more for top-of-the-line jackets featuring advanced features and materials.

While the Gore Tex Waterfowl Jacket may be more expensive than some other waterproof jackets on the market, its superior performance, durability, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for serious waterfowl hunters who demand the best gear for their adventures. It is always a good idea to compare prices and features from different manufacturers to find the jacket that best suits your needs and budget.

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